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The purpose of this organization shall be to foster in the broadest manner, statistical science, and its applications, and to promote unity among all groups at Temple University having an interest in statistical science or data analytics. As an official chapter of the American Statistical Association, this organization shall aim to expose students to both opportunities and experiences within professional fields relating to the application of both statistical science and data analytics.


  • Weekly Friday meeting with pizza and FLDP points

  • Speaker Events

  • Coding and Professional Development Workshops taught by members of the faculty 

  • Social Events such as Pumpkin Painting, Trivia, and Ice Cream Socials

  • Community built around Statistical Science and the advancement of our members


  • 1st Place – Deloitte Federal Technology Case Competition

  • 1st Place – Challenge Case Competition

  • 1st Place – Target Case Competition

  • Best Data Visualizations DataFest

  • Best Insights  DataFest


  • TUAmStat intends to have a friendly, enjoyable, and safe environment. There should never be any toxic, inflammatory, insulting, derogatory communications in any public channel or voice chat. 

  • There should be no discussion regarding politics, religion in any public channel or voice chat.

  • If any conflicts arise they should be communicated to an officer.

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